Arma Dei Academy Announces Head of School Search

Founded in 2012, Arma Dei Academy is a classical Christian school with 135 K-8th grade students located in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, in new facilities with room to grow. Arma Dei Academy seeks a Head of School with a passion for its mission, a vibrant Christian faith, demonstrated leadership abilities, a team building attitude, and financial […]

The Headmaster

Greetings, This is Rodney Marshall from Marshall Education Group and Confluence Courseware. Our team is seeking to revive the Western tradition through great ideas, conversations, and digital delivery of K-16 curriculum.  Please, enjoy the following freebies, especially The Headmaster, as well as browse our catalog: The Western Tradition: The Importance of Dialogue  An online collegiate […]

The Headmaster Unpacks Ends Policies

When the Board of Directors voted unanimously to amplify ENDS Policies, as Headmaster I sought to unpack each statement to help all school constituencies understand the significance of the Board’s action and how it would affect staff planning and day-to-day operation. Praise God for the strategic thinking of the Board. The amended ENDS section of […]

The Focused Visionary

Yesterday, Tyler asked, “What is a classical education in 50 words or less?” He wanted a start on his own elevator speech to share with his friends and colleagues who express interest in the educational alternative Tyler and his wife have chosen for their children. Recently he recommended Arma Dei Academy, the classical school my […]

The Headmaster as Focused Visionary

A response to a recent post claiming that The Headmaster must lead from the front as an exponent of the mission – vision – core values of the school asked, “How?” This is a good question from a talented professional in her first year as a headmaster. There is no doubt she will give this […]

The Headmaster and Cycles of Improvement

From the first day of a headmaster’s labor of love at any school, s/he works to sustain its accumulated successes and to generate what Watkins calls virtuous cycles of improvement. He works to sustain innumerable successes such as delivering on the school’s mission, building a quality college of faculty, admitting and enrolling students, maintaining a […]

The Answer to Ramping Up as a Leader

Many headmasters have entered new leadership roles this month and wonder how to accelerate the ramp up process.  Here is the answer.  The First 90 Days by Michael Watkins.  The book gives “Critical success strategies for new leaders at all levels.”  I knew the book hit the mark when I started sharing it with others […]

Every Headmaster Can Use a Good Advisor

Mentor, trusted counselor, coach, advisor, guide, tutor, teacher are synonyms that describe the kind of person The Headmaster needs to gain wisdom for good decision-making.   Sometimes, The Headmaster needs to talk to someone that is not in one of his or her many constituencies and not a part of the chain of command.  Although he […]


Confluence Courseware, LLC, an innovative for-profit digital curriculum business, creates and distributes unique courseware rooted in the classics of the Western intellectual tradition that emphasizes a conversational pedagogy. We are a craft company that partners with pioneering educators who aspire to deliver the best of a traditional liberal arts curriculum using a conversational pedagogy to anyone, anywhere, anytime. The […]

Confluence Courseware, LLC

Along with colleagues we are launching Confluence Courseware: Merging Great Books, Conversations and Digital Delivery. Our first Courseware Creations will include digital humanities replacements for paper-texts in a Junior College system. Soon you can follow our innovative progress at