Testimonial from Josh Farrar, Coram Deo Academy Alum

“When I look back on my decision to attend CDA, and remember my years as a student of Rodney and Robi Marshall, it is clear to me now that no other practical decision has had a greater impact on my life. Their instruction, and the learning environment they fostered awakened me intellectually, and the passion […]

Testimonial from Doreen Howell, Regents School of Austin

“Rodney and Robi Marshall have been in classical and Christian education for enough years and have a plethora of experiences in all aspects of school life, from the business office to the faculty and from the boardroom to the classroom.  Their counsel can be very valuable and even entertaining.  They can help you set worthy […]

Steve Farrar

I owe a great debt to my friend, Rodney Marshall. Rodney is a remarkable classical educator and visionary.  He has started some of the best schools in the United States.  He knows how to take an educational vision and how to implement the necessary  steps to brings the vision to a reality.  If you are thinking […]

Testimonial from Dallas Baptist University

“I am pleased to recommend Rodney Marshall as the head of the Marshall Education Group. His vision, experience and wisdom will serve the classical and Christian educational communities with distinction. I am pleased to endorse him and his efforts in this regard.” –David Naugle, Dallas Baptist University

Testimonial from Coram Deo Academy Alumni

“Unlike anyone else I have ever met, Rodney Marshall knows how to instill a love for learning in young men and women. As the headmaster of Coram Deo, Rodney challenged his students to think critically and to defend viewpoints ardently but gracefully. Capitalizing on his extensive experience in the field of education, Rodney was well […]

Testimonial from Responsive Education Solutions

“Rodney Marshall is equal parts visionary, administrator, and communicator. He is the rare leader who possesses the ability to envision innovative solutions to complex problems, the management skills to make that vision a reality, and the communication skills to persuasively articulate that vision to others. Having had the privilege to work for Rodney for two […]

Testimonial from Southern Nazarene University

“The saga of Rodney & Robi Marshall and Coram Deo Academy in Texas, of which I am an eyewitness, is a landmark one in modern Christian education. In 1999, these folks parlayed a cell phone, immense energy and intelligence, and a vision for a classical and Christian educational renaissance, into one of the most powerful […]

Testimonial from Association of Classical and Christian Schools

“Rodney is an experienced, dedicated leader in classical Christian education who has founded and developed one of the largest classical Christian schools in ACCS. He is a competent and reliable source of wisdom and advice in starting and operating a successful classical Christian school.” –Patch Blakey, Executive Director, Association of Classical and Christian Schools