Rodney J. Marshall
Robi A. Marshall
  • Sample Titles
    • Understanding the incredible brain and its rules. How this should inform teaching and learning
    • Cultivating Classroom Decorum –discipling the arts within the classroom
    • Thoroughly Furnished unto all good works; utilizing the complete mind and methods to reach students
    • A wise teacher makes learning a joy—Managing the learner and their learning
    • Managing the Curricular Hour–how does primacy/recency effect the teaching and learning?
    • Understanding and teaching the 14 steps of the Progymnasmata as key to preparing the student for Rhetoric
    • John Milton Gregory: The Seven Laws of Teaching
    • Developing Climate and Culture within the School
    • APALEGS–Understanding the 7 deadly sins and their 7 corrective virtues
    • Engendering a community of lifelong learners; students, faculty/staff and parents
    • Learning at every age; developing keen and growing minds or what 678 Catholic Nuns can teach us
    • Implementing the House System to build camaraderie, competition, student leadership, and service within school and community.