The Headmaster For Headmasters and Aspiring Headmasters

I am planning multiple articles on each of the three characteristics of the effective school Headmaster as 1) visionary, 2) head teacher, and 3) CEO.  These articles will culminate in an e-book, or manual suitable for mentoring, a major seminar or university level coursework for aspiring and developing school headmasters.  The conspicuous absence of works on this subject, a great desire to develop the next generation of idea and organizational leaders, and a long and successful career as a headmaster fire my drive to embark on this project.   Consider that the average stay of a headmaster at an independent school is less than four years, a time far to short for effective leadership.  Effective educational leadership is so important that I would like to contribute to its improvement with the intention of improving schools.  It is just too important to the future to leave the subject as underdeveloped as it is at present. Hopefully sharing both ideas and real life examples from my own experience will make this a valuable tool that is also interesting to read.

A Brief Philosophy of Education: Valuing Tradition – Envisioning the Future

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For Students

Consistent with the tradition of classical school headmasters as Headmaster of Coram Deo Academy I led the college of faculty as head teacher, and thus held regular lectures, and discussions with students in classes, and assemblies. Caput magister, Latin for head master means the head teacher of the academy. At CDA, I once enjoyed teaching theology and all of the history classes in grades six through twelve. Academy expansion required departure from the classroom to assure that qualitative development paralleled quantitative growth.  Following is series of lectures delivered to all students in grades 8-12 at both the Collin County, and Flower Mound campuses of Coram Deo Academy in 2009-2010. Guests were welcome.

Grade 8: The Drama of Scripture
Grade 8: Battle of Marathon or Thermopylae/Salamis
Grade 9: Epiphany; The Revelation of Jesus Christ to the World
Grade 9: The Christian Theory of Justifiable War
Grade 10: How the Irish Saved Civilization
Grade 10: The Age of the Vikings
Grade 11: Political Visions and Illusions
Grade 11: Dutch Theologian and Activist, Abraham Kuyper’s Idea of Sphere Sovereignty
Grade 12: On the Christian Commonwealth – the Christian Idea of Civil Covenant
Grade 12: The Inestimable Right of Self Government

For Faculty

Consistent with the tradition of classical school headmasters the Headmaster is a teacher of teachers, and thus lectures to and leads discussions with the college of faculty to instill mission, vision, core values, and classical pedagogy at meetings of faculty. Unlike the modernist model of the head of a school as exclusively a professional administrator, caput magister, means the head teacher of the academy. Following are a few samples of addresses by the headmaster to the assembled college of faculty.

The Liberating Affects of a Liberal Arts Education
Classical Education as Christian Liberal Arts Education
Christian Liberal Arts Education and Freedom
Historic Christian Worldview
Saving Civilization, The Transforming Power of Redemption
Play the Game! Classical Education and Athletics
The Drama of Scripture; The Story-Line of the Bible