With over 30 years of experience starting, growing, and improving schools, Marshall Education Group (MEG) has developed a proven methodology that leads to success for administrators, teachers, and students—and now we are offering our programs to you.  MEG provides a comprehensive school start up service that takes the guess work out of a complicated process by giving the prospective school access to school start experts and to educational software customized for the purpose.  PLEASE CONTACT US FOR A COMPLEMENTARY INITIAL CONSULTATION.

MEG works with the new school launch team for a full year toward an orderly successful start-up for just $1,250/month.

Start-a-School Package Fees  
Monthly charge for 12 months only for all these services $1,250
Clarify vision, professional development of brand identity, color and logo 2,000
Launch customized website from template including hosting 2,000
License classical learning and administrative start up resources 2,000
Start-up year advisory retainer 7,000
On site training for faculty, staff and administration 3,000
Keynote address at kick-off event 1,000
Total of pieces priced separately 17,000
Discounted School Start up package 15,000
Annual Services in Subsequent Years
Monthly charge for 12 months per year for all these ongoing services $625
Annual Learning Repository License 2,000
Annual Templated Website License with hosting and maintenance 1,500
Annual advisory retainer 6,000
Total Annual pieces priced separately 10,000
Discounted Annual package 7,500

With this kind of support your school start is bound for success!

We established Coram Deo Academy in Dallas/Fort Worth as the first model of the program where the licensable Classical Academy Curriculum and Resources were fully field tested. CDA achieved regional accreditation and grew to 1,000 students in ten years. The high school profile demonstrates success as a few hundred students have graduated and advanced to colleges, universities, business starts and missionary endeavors with an excellent preparation. Other schools in Oklahoma City, Springfield MO, Granbury and Bulverde directly benefited from the Start-a-School concept.

The online Classical Learning Repository and Management System houses a fully scoped and sequenced PreK-G12 curriculum, course descriptions, grade guides, lesson presentations and helps, assignments, and more. Also included are:

  • Annually updated booklist
  • Innovative administrative tools and resources including a How to Start and School Guide, sample articles and bylaws, board policy governance manual, human resources handbook and job descriptions, parent-student handbook, a WordPress school website template, online library and curriculum resources and more!
  • Know how from experienced educators and administrators to back up the model

The Flexible Model is Appropriate for:

  • Independent Academies
  • Church Academies
  • For-Profit Academies
  • Charter Schools
  • Homeschools
  • Homeschool Coops
  • Homeschool Academies

The Model can Operate:

  • From a school or coop one to five days per week
  • From home with or without a homeschool academy


Licensing Resources
Welcome to Your Classical Academy!
Any core group of like-minded people that desire to start and operate a Classical Academy may license the program and name their school (Your Chosen Name Here) Classical Academy by licensing use of our classical curriculum and resources.

We provide the means for Your Classical Academy to train Christian youth to glorify God by recovering our legacy, that of all Western Civilization, by approaching each subject, and all learning with a historic Christian worldview.

Your Classical Academy
Now you can enjoy Your Classical Academy at home or institutionally for a fraction of the cost of recreating the wheel. The genius of our development strategy is adaptability to your life, local circumstance and desires while still assuring the student will receive a rich and rewarding education in the liberal arts through intelligent classical curriculum design and pedagogical principles. The Founding and launch of Your Classical Academy will differ for your local application while enjoying significant similarity in mission, vision, core values, classical Christian content and pedagogy to other Academies using the same resources. We use software to organize learning content, allow for ease of access, and local adaption, course management, quizzes, tests and grade reporting (Learning Repository and Management System).  This delivery system will help reduce costs for each school and adapt for use with an individual child or family, a cooperative group of families, a school with a flexible schedule, a five-day a week school, or any combination of the above. Even an established school should have a manageable online option to facilitate students that are ahead or behind the normal learning sequence, to fill learning gaps, provide additional coursework for the hungry student and facilitate learning any time of the year.  Many established schools are also starting home school academies to increase their reach and add a revenue stream. Your Classical Academy can meet all of these needs.

Critical to Your Classical Academy design is the importance of the teacher. Education in skills and great ideas is inherently human. A distance curriculum, even with the best content and multimedia tools and presentations cannot and should not replace the human interaction and conversation of a student and teacher. Cato the Censor’s son without Cato would not have learned from the experience of his own father. Alexander without Aristotle would never have satisfied “his raging thirst for learning.” (Plutarch’s Lives) Odysseus without Mentor could have misdirected his marvelous sense of cunning (Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey). Marcus Aurelius without multiple tutors at home may never have become known as the philosopher king. And Luther and Calvin without the organized schools of the Brothers of the Common Life may never have sought the reformation of the western church. And so, by designing the curriculum, program and learning repository and management systems to adapt around Your Classical Academy’s life, circumstances, locale, and desires the student will receive a fine liberal arts education not by forcing you into an institutional mold but by facilitating your goals.

Program Options

Your Classical Academy is designed to allow licensees flexibility while each achieves the same educational end. Parents may customize their child’s education to meet individual and family needs by choosing from Five Day Academy, a Flexible or University Schedule, or One Day for Home School Coops, a Homeschool Academy that provides support for families educating @ home, or by independently homeschooling.

  • Your Five-Day Classical Academy (PreK-12)
    Students enrolled in the Five Day Program attend classes through the common every day in class approach.
  • Your Flexible Schedule Classical Academy (preK-12)
    Students enrolled in a school using a flexible or university style schedule receive professional instruction on-campus two to three days a week and study at home under the tutelage of their parents the remaining days. Arts, athletics and tutorial services are available as electives for an additional charge. Or the students are on-campus five days/week and complete most of their homework assignments on-campus in class or in a professionally staffed study center where specialized tutors are available. Tuition for the five-day program includes all electives and athletic programs.
  • Your Classical Homeschool Academy
    You can license Your Classical Academy and build a local or nationwide homeschool academy under your own name supporting families that are homeschooling but prefer the convenience of available support from qualified educators.
  • Your Classical Academy @ Home
    Students enrolled in Your Classical Academy @ Home follow the same rich curriculum as the site-based schools but are fully instructed by parents at home. This option enables the parent to supervise the student’s core academic education at home with confidence founded on our well-structured curriculum. Arts, athletics and tutorial services may be available as electives for an additional charge depending on Academy offerings and distance. Grade PreK-12 includes all subjects.
  • Your Classical Charter School
    This approach will require editing the classical Christian curriculum to provide an honest treatment of the history and culture of the west but must comply with state and federal laws with respect to the establishment of religion. Do not be discouraged from exploring this option however, because some state laws such as Texas law provide more freedom in this arena than you might think. Pursue advice from your attorney.