Robi A. Marshall

Resume for Robi Marshall 2012

Co-founder, former Curriculum Director and AP English teacher at Coram Deo Academy, Robi A. Marshall also energetically provides training and consulting for the Marshall Education Group, a company providing innovative solutions for classical and Christian Schools.

Through this service, Robi brings 34 years of experience to administrators, teachers, parents and students. Active in the education field since 1976, her resume includes launching successful Christian schools, assisting in the renaissance of the classical Christian Movement, and innovating new programs within existing classical schools.

Having spoken at over one hundred public forums explaining the depth of and necessity for classical education, she regularly trains classical Christian teachers. Robi is a popular speaker at Women in the Church events, Homeschooling and Christian School conferences; speaking on a diverse slate of topics including the arts, understanding the brain, self-education and classical pedagogy.

A contributor to educational journals, Robi was featured on a program viewed across the country speaking on great and good books.  Her curriculum vitae also includes video-recording training workshops used throughout the Christian education world.

As Curriculum Director, Robi draws from her years as a marketing trainer for a large Christian curriculum publisher, where she conducted ongoing classroom training for 140 employees on customer service, new educational products and educational pedagogy.  Additionally, Robi worked for three Christian educational companies writing curriculum, video scripts, and developing a self- discovery tool helping teens identify their unique, God-given design and understand how their talents could benefit the world.

Firmly believing the Latin proverb, Cum docemus discismus, While we teach, we learn—Robi remains passionate about cultivating  a comprehensive liberal arts education.  She constantly pursues new knowledge and greater understanding. Her vivacious and vigorous scholarship ignites and inspires those around her.

With a myriad of educational experience, Robi remains eager to provide help and resources for people enthusiastic to learn more!