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Along with colleagues we are launching Confluence Courseware: Merging Great Books, Conversations and Digital Delivery. Our first Courseware Creations will include digital humanities replacements for paper-texts in a Junior College system. Soon you can follow our innovative progress at

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Latin Teacher Opening

Arma Dei Academy located in Highlands Ranch, CO, is seeking candidates for Latin teacher for the 2014–15 SY. Successful candidates will demonstrate a strong understanding of classical Christian education and will have a passion for cultivating and nurturing godly character, a life-long love of learning, and wisdom in working with students. Arma Dei Academy is [...]

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Announcement of Graduation

Please join Harrison Middleton University tutors and staff in congratulating Dr. Rodney John Marshall on successfully earning his Doctor of Education! Dr. Marshall submitted the following applied project in partial fulfillment of his Doctor of Education degree requirement, titled: “Classics CourseWare: Making the Tradition New Again. A Business Plan to Expand.” We wish Dr. Marshall [...]

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The Best Education for the Best

The best education for the best should be available to anyone anywhere. In 1952 Robert Hutchins, then President of the University of Chicago, promulgated “The idea that liberal education is the education that everybody ought to have, and that the best way to a liberal education in the West is through the greatest works the [...]

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The Headmaster Plans Strategically to Fulfill the Mission

Article VIII: The Headmaster Plans Strategically to Fulfill the Mission There are plenty of books and seminars on strategic planning many of which begin with SWOT Analysis. This is all very valuable and available. I also use it as a part of the strategic planning cycle. However, I first rely on our Trinitarian impetus to [...]

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The Headmaster: Head of School On-Boarding Program

This Head of School (HOS) On-Boarding program is designed to serve as a customizable template for smooth transition of a new HOS into The Academy and life in a new community. It is applicable in concept for on-boarding other leadership positions such as a division head, business manager or academic dean. The transition phase begins [...]

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The Great Conversation Meets the Digital Age

Since I am not heading a school this year, I am devoting time and energy to research and writing in between consulting jobs that will also help complete the last requirements for a Doctor of Education. The project is directly relevant to The Headmaster. The central educational issue this project intends to illuminate is how [...]

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The Headmaster: Grasping the Ideal

The Headmaster: Grasping for the Ideal The other day one of The Headmaster’s faithful readers called to discuss how he could grow as a headmaster in order to increase his effectiveness in school leadership. He is a visionary, has founded his own academy, grown it year after year, and envisions multiple academies to serve his [...]

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Marketing Outside the Box

This outline is derived from the philosophy and methods utilized to grow a classical Christian school at an average annual rate of 50% for six years and from 0 – over 1,000 students in ten years. This approach resulted in rapid numerical growth with strong retention, financial growth, and mission accomplishment while maintaining quality standards, [...]

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A Plan of Action to Develop a Vibrant Faculty Culture

This June and July The Headmaster has focused on developing a vibrant faculty culture as the most important initiative for improving student learning. We have interacted about clarifying teacher expectations, the evaluation and growth cycle, the division head as a coach to faculty, supporting faculty professional development, and the importance of leadership at every level [...]

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