Confluence Courseware, LLC, an innovative for-profit digital curriculum business, creates and distributes unique courseware rooted in the classics of the Western intellectual tradition that emphasizes a conversational pedagogy. We are a craft company that partners with pioneering educators who aspire to deliver the best of a traditional liberal arts curriculum using a conversational pedagogy to anyone, anywhere, anytime. The concept includes aggregating content at a lower than industry cost by using course creators’ original works of authorship, works in the public domain, and freely licensed Open Educational Resources (OER) available for commercial use. The intention is to provide great books curriculum through advanced technological means to any school or student that desires it. While we wish for every American student to receive this best education, we anticipate primarily high performing high school students identified as gifted and talented, and in honors and Advanced Placement (AP) programs, selective schools, and post-secondary students to be those with the highest interest.

We aim to become the nationally recognized provider of digital great books courseware at the confluence of the Western intellectual tradition and the digital age.