Succumbing to the lure of non-transformational educational forms based on glitzy extracurricular programs compares with choosing spicy wings instead of filet mignon if both appear on the same menu. About the same year we opened our last classical Christian school teaching grammar, great books, logic, persuasion and mathematics one of our first parents called another equally new Christian school in the region checking her options. “Please describe your curriculum, so I can understand what my child will learn at your school,” she asked the admission official who replied, “Oh, we don’t know about that yet, but every student will receive a laptop and hot lunches.” Discerning an Academy’s priorities only requires an analysis of the lead in. Our Admission Director, led like a true believer with classical – Christian learning and follows with enjoyable augmentations like theatre, music and athletics. Of course, we offer Advanced Placement programs and our most academically gifted students can graduate having completed college level work and secure an academic scholarship. More importantly students must acquire the moral and intellectual base of a classical – Christian education for without this, they risk gaining the world while losing their souls. Yes, students can learn to punt, pass, kick, run, throw and shoot at a classical Christian school, or any other school for that matter, but at our schools they also learn an ancient language beginning in grade three and read no piffle in favor of literature that changes their lives. The same pattern can apply to pep squad, school sponsored travel, clubs, proms and parties. These accoutrements, though enjoyable are pointless without the rich legacy of western civilization constantly infusing student thinking. Carefully choose who will assist your child with learning to think because the rest of their lives depend on it. Teaching students to think the thoughts of God after Him defines a classical Christian school’s priority.