Replete with reliable ethics and the time-tested tools of learning a Christian liberal arts education will provide the best defense against unemployment for the next generation of Americans.  Twenty first century workers will require the intellectual agility to change careers five times and the ethical strength to define their relativistic work environments.  They will need to think, decide and act under pressure and find solutions to the rapidly changing array of socio-economic, scientific-technological and political challenges that open before them while advancing the Lordship of Jesus Christ in every arena of life.  The fully scoped and sequenced thirteen-year classical – Christian curriculum provided by Marshall Education Group and first modeled at Coram Deo Academy prepares students to succeed in this environment by teaching them to think for themselves and then to act wisely.  They gain tools to learn for a lifetime so they can make a lifetime of difference in their own families, vocations and communities.  Those who invest this education in their children will secure its blessings for them and leave transforming power to the mid twenty first century and beyond.