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School Management Consulting:     Marshall Education Group delivers innovative school management consulting solutions to start, grow, and improve private and proprietary schools. With services such as school governance and management consulting, curriculum development, professional training, keynote speaking, and provision of interim head of schools, Marshall Education Group provides a proven methodology that leads to success for administrators, teachers, and students. Peruse our website to learn how improved education is just a click away. ¬†Through strategic partnerships with Confluence Courseware and ICON Digital Solutions MEG now integrates its services to seamlessly include consulting, digital e-Texts and web site design, hosting and marketing. Please contact us to set up a COMPLEMENTARY FIRST CONSULTATION. ¬†    


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  • Terror and Ignorance
    Have you taken time to educate yourself about Islam, or are you terrified due to ignorance? I have heard intelligent people, people I once respected, say things like, “We should annihilate them,” as their response to what westerners call “Islamic Terrorism.” Granting the benefit of the doubt to people I know, and many I do not know, I think it is terrified response due to ignorance, or more cynically due to Orwellian tactics. Even the term “terrorism” ... read more
  • Good and Evil
    The metaphysical concern for the origin or, reasons for persistence of, and possibilities for eradicating evil is one of the most important discussions to have in relation to human happiness. After all, how can humans thrive and be happy if their efforts are continually sabotaged by evil? Once this question is asked, deductively we come to the even larger issue with the Great Idea of “Good and Evil”—what is “good” and what is “evil” in ... read more
  • The Focused Visionary
    Focus Yesterday, Tyler asked, “What is a classical education in 50 words or less?” He wanted a start on his own elevator speech to share with his friends and colleagues who express interest in the educational alternative Tyler and his wife have chosen for their children. Recently he recommended Arma Dei Academy, the classical school my wife Robi heads, to a fellow pilot who made this same inquiry. True enough a Dad needs his speech, ... read more

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Arma Dei Academy Announces Head of School Search
Founded in 2012, Arma Dei Academy is a classical Christian school with 135 K-8th grade students located in Highlands Ranch,...

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The Headmaster
Greetings, This is Rodney Marshall from Marshall Education Group and Confluence Courseware. Our team is seeking to revive the Western...

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“When I look back on my decision to attend CDA, and remember my years as a student of Rodney and Robi Marshall, it is clear to me now that no other practical decision has had...

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